I SAID it would happen!

So previously I mentioned that my blog had moved off of www.ashrhodes.com and had found a new “home” (ha ha) at home.ashrhodes.com. This was in preparation for the main page to become my “Please buy/sell Real Estate through me” website.

Well, it’s now happened. Not exactly as I planned (instead of hosting it, the page really just automatically forwards to my Keller Williams website) but what can you do? And despite this warning, I’ve already gotten people clammoring to know where the can get their fix of all things Ash. Yes, I am that popular, I guess. Who’d a thunk it? So now you know, go to where I said to in the first place!

OK, a hole in my plan has just occurred to me. If you’re reading this entry, it means you’ve already found the proper website or else my LJ site. Hmmmm. Well, disregard the entire previous post then!


Don’t look at me that way! It’s early! I don’t function well when the sun is still climbing the sky!

Take care everyone!

One comment

  1. Hey dude, how’s it going? Long time no hear. Congrats on the realtor stuff….if I get fed up with this country get me a nice house somewhere..ok?


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