Seriously. Why are they bothering?

This won’t be a long one, so don’t worry. I just noticed this article on BBC wherein I discovered that Saddam Hussein “walked out” (after having been ordered to leave) of his own trial. Despite having requested permission to leave, he was shocked when he was ordered to do so. “I led you for 35 years and you order me out of the court?” Later he left shouting “Down with the traitors.”

Now there’s no question that the dude is simply not a nice man. Killed a lot of people and whatnot. Granted, students of Middle Eastern History could tell you all sorts of stories about how what he’s done is nothing compared to what his predecessors did, but this isn’t the time nor the place. Instead let me just point out that historically, when you overthrow a tyrant, YOU KILL THEM RIGHT THEN. At the most you convict them of trumped up charges over the space of a half hour in a kangaroo court. You do not televise the thing and you don’t try and pretend like he’s going to get a fair trial. This is Saddam Hussein being tried in Iraq. That would be like trying Hitler in Israel.

You’ve just got to stop all this BS. He’s a walking dead man. He knows it. The jury knows it. This new trial judge really knows it. Someone put a bullet in his brain pan and let’s move on. All this is doing is creating a mockery of the legal system and giving him and his subordinates more chances to make political speeches. Does anyone actually want that?

Just a thought.


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