Who wants to buy me some BOOZE?!

I have officially passed both the state and national portions of the State of Arizona Real Estate Licensing Exam. Now I must only attend the contracts class tomorrow and I will be a fully licensed Real Estate Agent. Now who wants to buy me a drink?!?



  1. A year and a half working in an Irish pub in Scotland and I still can’t stand that swill . . . but my thanks nonetheless! And I hope soon to be bringing in the type of cash that would allow me to, on a lark, fly people places . . . but that’s a ways away!

    BTW, what in the world is that dog chewing on?



  2. Funny– the UK was the only place I could stand that swill. But all right, next try:

    Blueberry wine. My personal favorite, and sure to get applause when poured over ice cream. 😀

    Lily (the dog in the icon) is chewing on a beanie basketball. Which she shouldn’t have had. Bad dog.


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