Boo Fricken Ya

I’ll be perfectly honest and admit that I failed a test recently. No, not Latin. I said recently. And I got a D, thank you very much. No, I am ashamed to admit that I joined the vast proportion of people out there and failed the ASREB school test on Thursday. This was very sad-making for Ash. I had it all planned out. Pass the test Thursday, take the state exam this week as well as the 6-hour contracts boot camp course, and then start at KW on Monday the 30th.

This did not happen. I got a 73% when only allowed a 75%. This means I missed it by four questions. This really makes for a sad Ash.

But today I retook and now a very happy Ash stands (sits) before you (well, before a computer screen). I felt a tiny bit better about today’s test and happily enough that was reflected in my grade. I went from failing by four questions to passing by four questions. While it is true that it might be said that this is not exactly the greatest victory ever recorded, I would have to say to those people: SCREW YOU AT LEAST I PASSED! WOO HOO! (how’s that for an awkward sentence?)

So now I will be taking the state test on Friday . . . in Casa Grande . . . ewwwwww. After that, assuming I pass (which, knock on wood, shouldn’t be too hard as it is reputed to be at most half as hard as the school test), I’ll attend the contracts class on Saturday, and will be able to start Camp 4-4-3 on Monday on schedule. Which of course will leave me free to wreck havoc on the world when Bowlesie is in this general hemisphere in late February/early March.

Yup yup yup, things seem to be coming together at least a little bit. Of course, now that I’ve said that something is bound to happen. Look both ways before crossing the street everyone!

Stay chill.



  1. All you had to say was “SG Kay” and I would have gotten it. Is it sad that my brain is so warped that’s what immediately springs to mind? Yes, probably so.


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