Et voila.

The two of you out there who don’t read my blog on LiveJournal and prefer to go instead directly to will have already noticed that I have enacted a pretty major change. All of my personal stuff now resides at the address This will allow me to turn the root domain into a site for my soon-to-be Real Estate business.

This is also the perfect time to announce that baring any unforeseen circumstances, I’ll be “hanging my shingle” with Keller Williams at the Legacy One branch (which doesn’t have a website, but if you want to see something, check out my Branch Manager, JoAnn George’s website or my Sponsor, Cris Tutera’s website). I’m pretty stoked about this and am a great fan of KW’s modus operandi which emphasizes education but at the same time, to be perfectly blunt, let’s me keep a lot of the money I earn.

So yay. And please. If you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell in the Phoenix Metro Area or in the Tucson Area, LET ME KNOW! 😉



  1. Well thank you! Took the Real Estate test today . . . apparently very few people pass it the first time (and to be honest I’m not terribly hopeful). But yay for gainful employment! 😀



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