Previously mentioned was the fact that my actual MPhil degree had arrived and that it wasn’t terribly impressive. In Latin, yes. Impressive, no. Well, I’ve gotten it framed (another $166 added on to my $80K) and now you can see what I mean (click on it for a larger image). Taken from an angle so that I wasn’t reflected and in black and white because as I mentioned, I’m not yet quite perfect with my D2X, and was having problems with the color tone. But you can at least read it. Assuming you can, you know, read latin.



P.S. I can’t for the life of me figure out why there’s the weird gradient thing going on (in Firefox. In IE, it’s a checked pattern). It’s not present in my images while in photoshop or anything like that, so I can only assume the trouble comes from the browsers. Sorry about that.


  1. You’re right. It’s quite spare and spacey-looking. Where’s the gilt edges? The Celtic whorls? I mean, this is a medieval degree. It shouldn’t look like a posterboard to the modern art exhibit.


  2. THANK you! People keep saying that it’s not that bad, but I’m entirely disappointed. The least they could have done is do it in some gothic-y script. The University is the fourth oldest in all of the UK, for Chrissake! But, at least it has a cool seal set in it (which isn’t visible in the picture). Yay for consolations prizes, I guess.


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