Regis sucks.

I’m not a huge fan of Dick Clark or anything either, I just don’t think Regis needs any more time on TV. Plus, it was pointed out to me that the redheaded woman who he was standing with right there at the end had better have been his wife, otherwise he was getting entirely too ass-grabby with a stranger! The party which I ended up attending was hosted by my brother’s sister-in-law’s husband. Could I have just said my friends Nicki and Joe? Yeah. But where would be the fun in that? I had a grand time, though at least half the guests wussed out before the ball dropped and went home. Very dissappointed. Not nearly as dissappointed as I was that I didn’t get to kiss Spencer’s sister-in-law’s husband’s brother’s ex-girlfriend who was very cute, but that’s really my own fault. I had had a few when she arrived and didn’t feel confident in my own ability to create cogent sentences and wasn’t really interested in humiliating myself tonight (and no, it’s not that I had drunk that much, it’s just that I always get tongue-tied when I speak to pretty strangers, so booze wouldn’t have been a help), so I didn’t really talk to her one-on-one at all the whole evening. And that brings us to the resolutions.

I resolve to:
*Find a woman who is smart, attractive, funny, and loyal to take out on at least a couple of dates.
*Find a job which I enjoy and pays me a livable wage.
*Diet/Exercise until I’m not mortified to go sans t-shirt at a pool.

Three’s good. Don’t want to try and over-exert myself or anything!

I hope you guys all had a really great evening. Despite my lack of celebratory kiss, I really did have a good time. I particularly enjoyed putting Spence out of the poker game first since he was the big winner at the game last night. The jackass.

Take care everyone!


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