About this time last night I posted my first album of photos taken with my new Nikon D2x. The love I feel for this camera knows few bounds. As you’ll be able to tell (and as I mentioned previously), I’m not anywhere as good with it as I was with my film SLR. That’s OK though. Practice makes perfect (or at least less sucky), so bear with me.

Christmas 2005 Photos

Also, for the record, the camera was out of my hands for a good long time on Christmas Day. There are a lot of photos (generally recognized as having me in them) which I didn’t take, so the ones of . . . ahem! . . . lesser quality I take no responsibility for! 😉 Enjoy!


P.S. Isn’t my Mom hot? I’ll also draw your attention to the next Elward Construction Company Christmas Card (sorry about the awful alliteration) and finally to the two coolest pictures I’ve taken with this camera thus far, both largely accidents. One and two.

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