So I was chockablock full of insomnia yesterday (and I’m well down that road for tonight as well, btw). As I’m wont to do, I got online and started looking for something — anything — to keep my brain occupied. During times like this I’m actually pretty choosie. I prefer to read blogs and if at all possible, blogs written by people I know. As you’re all well aware, I rate only slightly above a 3 month-old corpse at the whole correspondence thing so I’ve got no choice but to be passive and read about other peoples’ lives through their own online ramblings.

Alas, most of my friends aren’t quite as narcisistic as me and so don’t posess blogs. Those that do are rather . . . tardy . . . with their updates (Chris’ last entry was from a wedding he attended last May). So, I found myself last evening/this morning running searches for people that I might know on LJ. It’s harder than it seems. I’m pretty open about who I am because I’m a big guy (so have little fear of stalkers) and besides, who cares what I do or think or say? Such (potentially foolish) disregard is by no means the rule however. Most people don’t even include a real first name, much less a last name or photograph. However, I did manage to find myself reading the profile of an LJ user named . Something about this girl seemed familiar, I just couldn’t place it. It took me longer than I should admit, but it did hit me eventually. I had finally run across someone I knew! Introduced to me by an ex-girlfriend, April Bennett, way back in like junior year of highschool, Leigh went to Mountain View and then against all odds was across the hall from C during her freshman year at the UofA.

So really the whole point of this post is to say hi to the latest addition to my friends list, ! I look forward to catching up with what you’ve been up to all this time!


P.S. Leigh had apparently found my own blog long ago but didn’t drop a note or anything. Bad Leigh! Anyone else out there who happens by, just say howdy!


  1. Oh, I almost forgot. You might want to check out this entry of my LJ. It’s not necessary, but it will probably help clarify the majority of my posts.


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