Geeky goodness and other sundries.

As per my usual routine, Tuesday morning I noticed the battery on my cell phone was dying so I plugged the rig in right before kicking back to watch an episode of CSI: NY (disappointing overall, by the way). By the time my 45 minutes were up the charging light was off so I grabbed the phone and took it with me to see what mischief my mother was up to. As I was sitting down, I noticed that there was no activity on the phone. Blah. Did the usual thing, took out the battery, cleaned the connection points, tried all the various “soft-reset” tricks I knew but still no dice. The battery or something similarly vital had gone kaput.

Luckily I have a mother who pays attention to things and a grandmother who likes to buy things. Mom had noticed the gleam of avarice in my eye when I was helping her and Dad pick out new PDA/phone hybrids for each other. They both ended up with the Samsung i730 through Verizon which is really very groovy but for two issues: 1) it is only dual band, so worthless anywhere outside the US and 2) it’s through Verizon who I have a totally irrational hatred of. What I had been pushing them to get was the HP iPAQ hw6500 through Cingular. Not only is Cingular better in every way than Verizon, but this phone has quad band, built in GPS, and is the same basic concept as my previous PDA the h4355 only smaller and, you know, a phone.

So I loved this phone. It was all the toy a guy could want and then some. So imagine my joy when I was sitting there shaking my head over my now-broken mobile and what should happen but my Mom come in and tell me that my Gran had already decided she was going to buy me the phone for my birthday which was still several days away. Since it has become an issue, she said, why don’t I just go and get it early?

So rock on. I now have a very groovy PDA/phone hybrid that I adore. I’ve always had problems making Outlook work for e-mail, so I don’t quite have a flawless solution as far as that goes, but I can still surf online any time and anywhere that I have cell phone signal. The speeds aren’t bad either. Yay for nummy geeky goodness.

In other news, Alex Gauntt, the guy who got me a job working at Jinty’s way back when, is getting married! This is not really news as they’ve been engaged for a bit of a while now, but what is quite exciting is they’ve moved the date up to the end of the January. Alas, this means that I won’t be able to make it to the actual ceremony, more’s the pity, but I’m still excited for him! I’ll also just announce that I received my degree yesterday in the mail. I really am a Massa now! 😉

Hope you’re all well, and as of 35 minutes from now, happy birthday to me! 😀


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