Do I need to explain this one?

So Least I Could Do makes me laugh pretty much every day, so forgive me for constantly sharing the comics. You gotta admit, this one is just too perfect to pass up. I genuinely hope to some day get the chance to do this, if not to the EDB then to someone!

Take care, y’all.



  1. I wish I could be responsible for the genius of “Least I Could Do,” but I just can’t. And EDB is an admittedly rather childish reference to an ex. With that in mind, the “B” is probably guessable. “E” and “D” are the relatively-redundant “Evil” and “Death” (and anyone so inclined, no I DON’T want to debate whether Evil and Death are really the same. Philosophy BAD at 2:17am!).

    Thanks for dropping by, and many condolences about the bad tipper. I know how much that blows!



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