So I’m typing along on my laptop this morning. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, all is well in the room that once was mine but now is my father’s office. I scoot back in my chair so that I can stand up and go grab my PDA as I realize that it has been a day or two since I last synched it. To my everlasting dismay, as I am passing the edge of the desk, I knock my knee rather hard against it. This caused a small but heavy pewter sculpture of, of all things, a duck to fall off the upper shelf built in to the desk.

Said duck tumbled down, struck the surface of the desk, and then bounced onto the floor. I remember breathing a sigh of relief that it had missed my laptop . . . right up until my precious computer started making the noise. It was a kind of sickness-inspiring clicking coming from the hard drive. The hard drive that I realized must have been what was hit by the suicidal semi-ferrous duck.

At first I restarted the machine and when it actually did restart I thought I had dodged a bullet. I immediately tried to start burning as many files as I could just in case it was going to self-destruct. I got right to the point where the CDRW was warming up to burn when everything froze. Deep breath. No need to panic. It’s just freezing again. Restart and try burning again. Resta–. Nothing. “No Operating System Found.” NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

So my laptop is dead. I’ve tried to take it apart to see if I could replace the hard drive myself but no dice and I don’t really want to snap the plastic or something similarly brilliant. So instead I’m going to go buy myself a new (and bigger) hard drive and take it to some pros. I’ll pay them to put the new HD in and then I’m taking my laptop and running. As mentioned in the header of my wishlist, I am going to owe over $1000 every bloody month for the next ten years to my various student loan lenders and so I’ll be damned if I’m gonna pay some monkey to reinstall a $200 copy of Windows at $50 an hour! Nah, figure get the new hard drive in, pay them way too much for it, and I’ll have something to occupy my time for the next week as I slowly try and find all the wonderful things that I managed to install previously.

I tell you, what I’m really upset about is the other stuff. Beowulf (the laptop’s name. Yes I name my computers. Shock) has been my primary computer for a couple of years now. That means there is no end of irreplaceable documents and images on there. At least two photoshop projects are now gone that I’ve been working on for over a year. I don’t even want to think about the stories that are now gone forever that I’ve been slowly adding to for the past FIVE years! Ugh! Somebody shoot me! 😦

But what can you really do?

Take care everyone. AND BACK UP YOUR FILES!


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