Well I’ll be.

Well I’ll be.

As of yesterday, I’ve been back in the states for one month. I’d say that things have gone more or less as I thought they would during that time. I took all the trips I had planned on taking, I helped all the people that needed it, and I’ve gotten to hang out with most of the people that I really wanted to.

What will the next month bring, I hear you asking me as if you actually care? Well I don’t really know. It’ll at least bring three weeks of Real Estate school at the Arizona School of Real Estate and Business with my cousin Travis. It’ll hopefully involve a visit to Palm Springs where I’ll get to hang out with Braden some time around Christmas. And if we’re really stretching things, I rather desperately hope it’ll involve receiving a Nikon D2x; an X-Box 360; or, dare I say it?, BOTH!?! . . . for my birthday, Christmas, or graduation.

Oh, and about that. When I arrived back from Florida, I had a letter waiting for me. It was from the University of Glasgow, and it claimed that the writer was “delighted” to inform me that I had . . . wait for it . . . passed! Yay! So I really will be able to make everyone call me “Massa” from now on! 😉 Was that a little un-PC? Yeah. But that’s why you love it.

Keep it chill, y’all.


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