Ah, back.

Ah, back.

Well, that was an experience. I am in no way a stranger to long car rides . . . well, relatively long ones. The summer I was 17 I drove to Colorado a couple of times, and then when I was a freshman at Redlands I drove back and forth from SoCal to Phoenix pretty much every weekend for three months. Most recently, I made that same CO to AZ drive only a fortnight ago.

None of that prepared me for the insanity which is involved in driving from the Florida Keys to Mesa, Arizona. It’s rough. It’s made even more rough when your vehicle is a 26 foot U-Haul towing an auto transport, all made even more unpleasant by the fact that you’re stuck in the cab of said vehicle with no CD player, no cruise control, and two other relatively big guys sitting on either side of you. The smell was . . . icky.

But it’s done! Three-thousand-some-odd miles later and here I sit at my computer, alive and no worse for wear. Now all that remains is for me to find myself some gainful employment and while I’m at it, a flat of my own. On that front, I’m actually looking into attending Real Estate School. It came to me that while I’m very well educated . . . over educated some might even say . . . I still have pretty much no practical knowledge of the business world. The housing boom is still wild in Arizona and if I can manage to make a few bucks before that bubble bursts, then it’ll be worth the three weeks of night classes and four hundred bucks. After all, I spent nearly eighty grand at Glasgow just to learn some stuff that I wasn’t sure I’d need, what’s four hundred? 😉

I hope everyone out there is super-groovy and I’ll speak to you all soon!


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