One more reason to hate ASU . . .

One more reason to hate ASU . . .

Yesterday, members of the highschools of Arizona gathered at the Mona Plummer Swimming facility to compete in the State Swimming Championships (States are the Olympics of the highschool world, for those of non-American origin who might be reading this). States have always been held at the Mona Plummer. I myself competed there at least twice. Well, this time around, once the swimming competitions were over, the ASU swimming coach descended on the pool and kicked everyone out so that he could hold practice . . . the only problem was that the divers were still in the middle of their competition. Now I, like pretty much every swimmer on earth, don’t care one whit for divers in general. But you can’t interrupt the one meet that they’ve been training for for the past several months just so that your crappy swim team (and ASU has a very crappy team) can have an extra hour of practice!

So there you have it. If you needed any more of a reason to hate ASU, there’s one. As if the fact that they take up the entire town of Tempe and turn it into a haven of stupid wasn’t enough!

Can you tell I went to the UofA?


P.S. For the British or indeed those not from or in AZ, ASU stands for “Arizona State University” and is located in Tempe, AZ which is right next to my home town of Mesa (right next to as in you cross a road and you’re in Tempe). UofA is the “University of Arizona” and is in Tucson, AZ, about 120 miles south of the Phoenix Metro Area (which both Mesa and Tempe are part of). ASU and UofA have been rivals pretty much forever and the weekend wherein they play each other in football (that’s real football, not soccer) is always accompanied by many pranks, stunts, and once or twice even some riots. Just so you understand the automatic hatred that I am required to have for all things ASU . . .

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