Been busy . . .

Been busy . . .

Sorry it’s been a while, but things are always crazy in my world . . . or at least will be for the next few weeks. For the past week or so I was in Colorado helping my gran (Gigi) get her Denver house all ready for the winter, as she will be spending the next six months or so living in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was really nice being in Denver again after such a long time away. I could so see myself living there if only I could figure out a way to afford it (CO is mega expensive to live in compared to AZ and since I’m having trouble even handling AZ . . .). So anyway. Wednesday I got into Gigi’s 2001 Jaguar and took off in a generally southern direction. I stopped for a truly lovely dinner with Meggan in Colorado Springs where I ate entirely too much ravioli at the Olive Garden. After that I just drove like a bat out of hell through Colorado, New Mexico, and into Arizona where I arrived pretty early yesterday morning sans accident and speeding ticket, both of which makes for a happy Ash.

Last night was Tom Proffitt’s visitation and while it was great seeing my brother again, it was a shame that it was on such unfortunate terms. I was meant to go today to the funeral, but thanks to the incompetents over at Mapquest, I spent over an hour looking for the church and never did succeed in finding it (presumably neither did the dozen or so other people who were driving all over the neighbourhood looking for it either). So since then I’ve been running all over town trying to get things done. In my small amount of free time, I have gone to extreme efforts and created a wishlist (complete with links) of things that I would love to receive from any charitably minded individuals out there. Just because I’ve got my Master’s graduation, a birthday, and Christmas all coming up within the next month and a half, I figure there have got to be loads of people who want to buy me stuff! 😉

Take care everyone. And seriously, don’t buy a motorcycle. It doesn’t matter how old you are, they’re always going to be too dangerous to make worthwhile!


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