Last night, a man named Thomas Proffitt was involved in a motorcycle accident somewhere in the Valley of the Sun. Not only was this man a prominent lawyer in Mesa for over twenty years, he also just so happened to be the father of my best friend and brother, Spencer.

I know very little more than I just said . . . it was a bit past six in the morning when Spence called and I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to do anything but be totally and utterly shocked. Mr. Proffitt, like everyone else in the world, was no saint. But he was a good man who always tried to do what he thought was best for his family. I weep for Spencer and indeed all of his family. Alas, as a result of Hurricane Wilma, Spencer is still without any sort of internet access, but when he does check his e-mail those who are so inclined can reach him at his email address.

Thanks for putting up with my maudlinity (new word!). A return to just plain surliness will surely soon occur!


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