On the road again . . .

On the road again . . .

I just can’t wait to be on the roa . . . oh. Wait. Already am.

I’m typing at an airport computer terminal. Nicer than the usual ones. This one is less like a payphone and more like a PC with a lockbox with a slot for money attached to it. I’m diggin’ it.

So this is me on my way back to the States. The last few days have been . . . hard. Really hard. Not only the hard stuff like packing up everything and what not, but even more the hard stuff that comes with having to say goodbye to people who have been your closest friends and substitute family for the past two plus years. That’s tough. Seriously, how do you say goodbye to people like that? Answer, you don’t. You pretend like everything will eventually be like it was once was. Of course that doesn’t convince anyone, but it’s the easy lies that get you through it all.

All I know is that I really do need to see most of these people again. Not just the obvious one, Chris, but everyone else too. Shona and Manny and Nats and Erin and Kathleen and Katie and Claire and Sooz and Fiona and Georgie (oh Georgie!) and Ray and Aoeisha and Tia and David and Amy and even Ryan. I’m going to miss all these people so much that it already hurts thinking about not seeing them again. I only hope that they know how much they’ve meant to me all this time.

I’ll not forget any of you soon . . .

All of yours with all my heart,

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