Ah, the irony . . .

Ah, the irony . . .

I don’t know why I’m surprised. Things like this happen to me all the time. The only thing that would be more apropos would be if, this weekend, I meet a girl who looks just like Sienna Miller (or, in fact, Sienna Miller) who totally digs me and wants to date . . . if only I wasn’t moving back to the States. Well, if I met this theoretical goddess, I would now have a place to take her that fits me and all my weird taste in music.

Let me explain. No. Too much. Let me sum up. 😉

OK, so last night was my “leaving do” (going away party). Chris did most of the organizing and it was pretty damned cool! Once again every single person from work proved to be less-than-interested in whether I live, die, or grow mushrooms out my nose; but my Uni friends all more than made up for it. Katie Mathis even took a bus from Edinburgh (and then had to immediately leave again) to see me off. This is made even cooler when one realizes how gross those buses are! Seriously, it was great. We rented out the top room in the Uisge Beatha (which is basically the pub I want to shamelessly copy when I open on myself in AZ) and set up shop from 8 til close at 12.

During the course of the night many people came and went, but by 12 all that were remaining were Shona, her flatmate Laura, Chris, Claire, and Alistair (aka Manny). And me, of course. Chris and Claire are total wusses and went home at that point so the rest of us got a taxi into town to go to a place that Laura knew called the Buff Club. I had heard of it but never been. She promised us Old School Punk.

Instead what we got was Old School Funk. And pretty much everything else Old School.

Much better.

I walk in and what are they playing? Everything from Al Green to the Supremes. The Beach Boys (!). James Brown. Those of you from back home, imagine a modern club with young people absolutely filling the dance floor and the contents of 94.5 KOOL FM playing through the speakers. I was in heaven. Of course they also threw in some great 80s and even some 90s stuff, but very little that could actually be considered modern.

So the irony is killing me. I’m leaving Glasgow forever in about four days and have only NOW found a club that I could really dig going to regularly. In fact, the music is such that I might have even been able to convince Chris to go every once in a while too! Perish the thought!


P.S. Had coffee with Katie Lowe a couple days ago. Baring the external examiner hating me, I’ve passed. So woo hoo!

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