I don’t like IQ tests.

I don’t like IQ tests.

My cousin sent me this one (rules here) and even though I managed to figure it out before too much time had elapsed, it still had me wincing every single time it made the “you screwed up” noise. At first I thought the true test of your IQ was whether or not you realized it was impossible, but after I figured out the trick to it all, I realized that the real test was if you realized you could have just muted the damned thing and been done all that much quicker because you didn’t have the distraction!

In other news, I still haven’t finished packing. Shock. I have spent my time instead applying for jobs in Arizona online. This is not going well. Again, shock. For some reason people want their stupid applicants to have, you know, experience. Plus they don’t want them to not be able to start until late November.

Oh yeah, and I’m taking a road trip. Two, in fact. One is when I first get home. I’ll be flying up to Colorado, helping Gigi to get the Denver house all ready for a long winter, and then putting her on a plane and driving her Jag (!) back to Arizona. I’m going to live for that drive! As if to demonstrate the fact that the rest of my life will be downhill after driving a Jaguar over 1000 miles, I will in mid-November be flying out to Florida to help my brother and his wife to pack up and move back to Arizona. For that lovely trip I’ll be driving a bloody Ryder van the 3000+ miles from Florida to Arizona. Proof positive that my life will have reached its pinnacle!

And then I have to really find a job. Because no chica is ever going to fall for a guy who lives in his parents’ house. Just ain’t gonna happen! 😉

Stay chill, y’all.


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