Congrats are in order . . .

Congrats are in order . . .

My very very good friend (and ex-girlfriend) Meggan Ladewig absolutely shocked me yesterday. That sneaky girl went and got herself engaged without checking with me first! I have absolutely no information beyond the fact that the boyfriend (first name Rueben, last name ?) asked her a couple of days ago and that she said yes. I know that most of the people out there have no idea who I’m talking about and why I’m taking up “valuable” internet space talking about it, but suffice to say that there’s one more girl who I’m never going to have a chance with. Between her and Lyssa Kaehler nee Clark, I’m running out of women who actually, you know, like me! 😉

In other news, I’ve finally received the eight cardboard boxes into which I must fit the entirety of my life here in Glasgow. I found a (relatively) cheap shipping company who will be taking all my crap via sea to Phoenix. It’s one of those things where my two primary jobs are to a) decide what goes and what stays (and of what stays, what gets thrown away and what I think I can actually sell successfully) and b) to not pack in such a way that some boxes weight 50 kilos and some weigh 4. That can be tough because most of what I’m sending home are books (and comic books) which just aren’t light. I don’t have that many clothes here anymore and what I do have I need to keep right up until I leave so it’s tough to fill such a LARGE box when you reach its weight capacity after only a dozen or so books.

Anyway. So that’s me. I sincerely wish Meggan the best of luck in her future matrimonial adventures (because lord knows anyone on such an adventure needs all the luck they can get!) and I hope everyone in turn wishes me luck in my packing, etc. I just wish there was an easier way!


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