An overt simplification.

An overt simplification.

It was time anyway. While I liked having a great big image in the background of my website, I found that it even distracted my eye and I’m the one who both took the picture and designed the website! So, when it became clear that my previous design was annoying me (and that it just wasn’t working in IE at all), I decided to move on.

Once again I have made overt use of hollsterhambone‘s original idea by using PHP to mine LiveJournal for entries and embed them in my website. This doesn’t actually make things too much easier in the longrun, but it does mean that I can now update my blog from anywhere in the world via my PDA or even a WAP enabled phone. Why in the world I would want to, I don’t know. But the options are there.

And to those of you who are strictly from LJ and have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, well what else is new? Eh, I’ll just remind you that I have long mocked the LiveJournal community (despite reading my friends’ posts daily) and must now eat my own words by becoming an active LJ poster. These posts are, obviously, being funneled directly to my webpage, Ash where they are hopefully being correctly displayed in a much less pain-in-the-ass method than all previous.

And that’s that. Nothing to really report. I’ve spent the last couple days sitting on my duff watching TV and occasionally throwing things in boxes in an effort which vaguely resembles packing for my move home. Oh, and avoiding turning in library books which are now pleasantly overdue. Yay.


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