May the gods of television bless this day.

May the gods of television bless this day.

The British Sci-Fi channel is showing all fourteen episodes of Firefly back to back to back. I’m using this chance to reacquaint myself with just how much I love this show, especially since I sent my copy (what’s left of it) back to the States a few weeks ago.

They’re just wrapping up the two-part pilot and I am more convinced than ever that the answer to the debate which is going on as to whether the “Firefly” universe would be better served by a resurrection of the series or a sequel to “Serenity” is plain. The series must be brought back to give it the depth that the characters deserve and which a movie just can’t provide.

Well, I’m off to another 12 hours of Whedon bliss. Not really though. Have to work at 8. But you can rest assured that all time until then will be spent with pseudo-Southern accents going in the background if nothing else!



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  1. My housemates have friends over watching a 24 season 4 marathon. Am occasionally joining them, but a Firefly marathon will be had as soon as I get a pirate of Serenity. Will aim to get it done after the Neon Genesis marathon.


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