When you see this on your flist, quote Firefly.

When you see this on your flist, quote Firefly.

I am easily influenced by others. That, and I’m insanely excited to see
Serenity again, so I’m going to have to go with this slightly edited
quote from Serenity which I was lucky enough to see at the Edinburgh
Film Festival:

“As sure as anything, I know this . . . I aim to misbehave.”

~Cap’n Malcom “Mal” Reynolds

And thanks to
for continually reminding me by her geek rants how fantastic
Firefly/Serenity is (and now CSI to which I say “took you long enough
to realize!”). Oh, and I’m pretty sure the quote should be “I’m goin’
to my bunk.” Which is now code among my friends for . . . well . . .
YOU figure it out!


  1. Geek rants? What you saying like? 😛

    Also, I can’t be expected to quote Jayne properly when I’m too busy drooling over him when he’s on screen.

    Did you ever go to the Serenity screening at the Fringe?


  2. ” . . . slightly edited quote from Serenity which I was lucky enough to see at the Edinburgh Film Festival . . .” What do you think? 😉

    Yes I did, and boy was it a drama. Missed busses, late busses, early departure from movie [:(]. So I still don’t know how it all ended. I’m hoping and praying that the whole thing was an elaborate holographic war game that the hunter was taking part in because the way things were headed the ending was absolutely UNACCEPTABLE . . . but that’s because I like my stories happy. Plus, though this is just me being an irritating purist, Whedon rewrote how River was snuck out of the place thingy. The whole POINT was that Simon wasn’t there and didn’t know what they had done to her. Duh. Anyway.

    But it’s out a week from tomorrow. I’ll be seeing it at least twice next weekend. Not excited or anything though . . .


  3. I’m a Firefly FREAK and couldn’t not respond with my own quote. It’s a thing. And I’m actually debating using the LiveJournal engine and importing the result directly to my webpage since it’s been irritating me so much lately. So soon this might see a LOT of action . . . but not in the fun way ;).

    Hope you’re well, Gelfling!


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