I’m done! My good good God. Never thought I’d see the day. You might notice that it’s a lot later than I said it would be when I finished. Well, Sunday morning at about 8am I gave up. I was at 9,800 words (I had taken a whole section out right after my previous post) and just could not think of anything else to say. It was ugly. So I gave up. I went to sleep for about 4 hours. Got up, watched some TV. Tried to print out Elise’s dissertation. Discovered I was out of ink (eek). Went back to sleep from 6pm until almost 12am (I had planned on sleeping the night through, but my body had other ideas). Got up, watched some more TV. Had a late dinner of rice and brownies (I’ve been living like a monk so haven’t been to the grocery store for over a fortnight . . . despite the fact that I can see it out my bedroom window). Sat back down to edit and discovered that at some point my brain had come up with more things to say. So now here I am three hours later. I once again rewrote a decent sized section and added several paragraphs elsewhere. Here are the stats:

Number of Words: 10,203
Number of pages: 24
Number of footnotes: 87
Footnotes per page: 3.625
Number of Bibliographic sources: 44
Number of Bibliographic sources which have the name “DTA Rhodes” in it: 1
Number of papers I’ll ever have to do again: 0!

I’m happy. Tomorrow I buy more printer ink; get Elise’s and my papers printed up; get Braden’s, Elise’s and my papers bound and turned in; buy myself a paperback novel because I’m more or less forgotten what they look like!

Take care everyone. Soon Ash Rhodes.com will be suffering a major change because I’ve been informed that the code massively malfunctions when viewed with IE (yet it passes W3C validation . . . how weird is that?). We’ll have to see what new and trippy design I can think up!


“So don’t try to deny it pretty baby,
You’ve been down so long you can hardly see
When the engine’s stalled and it won’t stop raining
It’s the right time to roll to me”
~Del Amitri – “Roll to Me” – Glasgow band!

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