Ever so sorry.

I’ve been making small tweaks to this site over the past few weeks and the tweaking will undoubtedly continue . . . mostly because I really hate the way this thing works right now. What I’d ideally like is for the window in which you are reading this right now to adjust size based on the length of the document showing within it. That way I could just have a single scroll bar on this page rather than the stupid double one that we’re stuck with at the moment. Ugh. Drives me crazy and I wrote the code for the damned thing!

And in other news I’m trying desperately to write my dissertation and am very upset by my lack of progress. It’s so disgusting how badly I’m doing that I’m not even going to give details. Just rest assured that it’s bad and if I pass it’ll only be because the graders have taken pity on me. But I’ll take their pity if it’ll give me a degree! 😀


“Call me irresponsible.”
~Frank Sinatra – “Call Me Irresponsible”

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