You can take your doctorate and shove it!

I’ve wanted to have a PhD for as long as I can remember. Seriously. At least since the beginning of highschool (so at least a decade). Everyone always told me that it would be lots of hard work, but I don’t think I really believed them. Academics had always come easy to me all the way through primary and secondary education and into college. By the end of my stay at the UofA though I had experienced truly difficult classes that I had to work hard at to even pass much less excel in. Still, I thought I’d be able to at least stick with my education because it was what I wanted. I jokingly told people it was because I wanted to make my granddad (Dee) call me “Doctor” just once . . . this is before he died of course at which point the joke rather lost its amusement factor.

Now I’ll say to one and all that you really can just shove all that. It is really not going to happen and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I sit here and look at my very good friend Chris Bowles and see what he’s going through trying to get his PhD done all the while trying to figure out what he’s going to do with his life because there are no jobs in the United States for Archaeologists with a speciality in Late Roman/Early Medieval British Identity to be found, and I just have to say “is it really worth it?” The dude is bloody brilliant and has written 300 pages of a thesis that must be good since I don’t understand a word of it and he’s still horrified that he may not even pass! What kind of a life is that, I ask you?

So those of you who may not have gotten the not-so-subtle hints previously that I would be ending my academic career once I’ve (finally) finished my dissertation, let me say it plain: I’m outa here!

That’s not to say I’ll never step foot in a classroom though. I quite fancy officially learning all about the photography that I’ve been loving so much. Is it too late to become an artiste?


“Through all the streets ours ran; they slaughtered, slashed and killed – why, twenty thousand Saracens or more they finished off!”
~Guillaume de Machaut – La Prise d’Alixandre, pp 75 – ‘Cause if I have to read this crap then so do you!

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