Why I don’t write in advance.

Lauren Smithson is the perfect example as to why it doesn’t pay to start early at any endeavor. She came to Glasgow already knowing what she was going to write her dissertation about and began researching said topic some time in November. She’s back in town for a week to meet with Strickland (which isn’t going to happen BTW, due to his being out of town), is sitting at about 17,000 words, and is still worried that she isn’t going to finish by her due date of September 30th.

The lesson to be learned? You start early, you just end up working harder. Yeah, I’m stressed and am going to have to work like a madman for the next fortnight, but at least I’ve not been doing it for the past 10 months nor am I going to have to cut my paper down by at least 5,000 words (and even money says she’s just as stressed as I am!).

In other news, BBQ today over at Chris’, so I better get my trousers on and get moving. Got an awful lot of dead flesh to buy before the festivities begin. And those who are curious, my last night at Jinty’s was truly awful. But at least it’s over and that’s all I care about. I’m never going to have to babysit this particular set of drunks ever again!!!! Yay!


“That ain’t workin’ that’s the way you do it
Get your money for nothin’ get your chicks for free”
~Dire Straits – “Money for Nothing”

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