Because it’s funny.

On my LiveJournal friends list there’s this guy named Darren who went to Uni in Edinburgh last year. He posts a lot and I don’t usually have the time to read them, but today I did. He mentioned that he had Googled his name as “Darren is” and then looked at the results. He suggested we all try. I did, and got the following on the second hit — from a government website no less! Ash is hard, abrasive, mildly corrosive, conducts electricity when wet, and does not dissolve in water (link). I think they captured me rather well, don’t you? Try it yourself.

On another note, Dylan Moran of Black Books fame has proven himself to be one of the funniest men ever thanks to his standup special called “Monster.” I think I woke the neighbours with my undignified guffawing!


“What a lovely day. The trees are singing, the birds are swaying.”
~Dylan Moran (on waking up still drunk the next morning, thinking you’ve avoided the hangover) – “Monster”

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