TV shows into movies. Sometimes it actually works!

Aren’t you the good weans for waiting so patiently for my reviews! You were so good, you get two for the price of one! Let’s dispense with the pleasantries and jump right in, shall we?

Serenity. Chris and I voyaged into Edinburgh to catch the International Premier of this movie last week. As I knew I would, I loved it . . . but rather like my parents’ love for me, it’s not an unconditional love. 😉 There were aspects to Firefly which stopped it from being merely good and made it incredible. Some of these little things were missing. Allow me to enumerate.

First, there are the quips. Called “Joss-isms” by Buffy fans, Joss Whedon shows are famously full of one-liners which can seriously impair your ability to breathe due to excessive laughing. According to his interviews, Mr. Whedon wanted Firefly to be a drama but had to put in the comedy to sell it to Fox (who promptly sabotaged the show anyway). I’m guessing he just decided to yank most of them for the movie because, while it was funny, it didn’t even come close to the levels of the show.

Second, there’s the cinematography. Fans of the new version of Battlestar Galactica will be familiar with the “sloppy” method of filming (lens flares aren’t edited out, focusing and zooming is off center at first, etc). Firefly did it first, but as I recall it was missing entirely from Serenity. This makes Ash sad.

Third, no song. Seriously. The opening theme was one of the best parts with words written by Whedon himself. Come on!

And finally, ———————-. Sorry, you don’t want to know. Total spoiler which I won’t give away. You’ll just need to go see it.

The Dukes of Hazzard. Now you can say what you want about the original series (as long as it’s complimentary because The Dukes rocked!), but I admit that I was really reluctant to even see this movie remake. I’m not a fan of Johnny Knoxville (Luke Duke), and I detest Jessica Simpson (Daisy Duke), but the prospect of car chases, moonshine, and . . . well . . . Daisy Dukes was enough to get me to the theatre. Man am I glad I went!

The original Cooter is apparently boycotting this new movie because it lacks the “family values” that the original had. I personally think that’s unfair, especially since after watching re-runs of the original over the past few weeks I’ve not really seen any family values in the first place! Daisy was always too sexy for her own good. Bo and Luke were always just a little bit stupid and a lot bit casual with the law. And Uncle Jesse was always a moon-shiner . . . if a moon-shiner who’s no longer allowed to make moon-shine. Let’s face it. The whole show was just an excuse for car races and Daisy. This remake has all those things only more-so. The car races are so exciting that I seriously have every intention of taking stunt driving courses when I move home, and Daisy. Oh, Daisy. I am fully and completely in love with a fictional character. I’m not talking Simpson who is still a simpering idiot. No, I mean Daisy Duke with her no bull-shit attitude and quick thinking (and body that won’t quit . . . of course).

Oh, and one other thing. The Dukes of Hazzard was directed by one of my favourite directors, a guy named Jay Chandrasekhar. You might know his work from directing several episodes of “Arrested Development” and of course the movie Super Troopers. Watch for several appearances by his comedy troupe “Broken Lizard” and even a re-creation of the opening scene from Super Troopers (with him as a campus cop rather than a State Trooper). I thought I was going to pee myself from laughing so hard!

So to sum it all up. Serenity really did rock, at least I think it did (did I mention that the movie started so late that Chris and I had to leave before it was over so we could catch the last bus to Glasgow?). The Dukes of Hazzard rocked the Kasbah and I can’t wait to see it again (and am currently in the market for a copy of the soundtrack and a poster of Daisy Duke).

Long ol’ post, but I was bored. Deal with it! 😀


“Why are divorces so expensive?”
“‘Cause they’re worth it!”
~Willie Nelson (as Uncle Jesse) and Johnny Knoxville (as Luke Duke) – The Dukes of Hazzard

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