Watch this space.

Because much later tonight (technically tomorrow) I will be posting a review of Joss Whedon’s new movie Serenity. Of course we all know that the review will go very similar to something like this: “The best movie I’ve seen since the Princess Bride but funnier and with better acting,” but I still feel a need to actually see it before I review it. Call me old fashioned.

Still, Malcolm Reynolds may very well be my hero. Just so you know.

And now a shameless plug. Not for me though. There is a young woman who I’ve been aware of since before I started at Jinty’s. I would occassionally pass her busking in the street . . . just her Gibson guitar and her voice. I always thought she was good, but how can you really tell in the open street with taxis zooming by every 10 seconds? Well, then I started working at Jinty’s and I discovered her name was Amy Belle and that Jinty would insist that she come inside the pub to busk when the weather was bad. About this time she got pretty famous because Rod Stewart asked her to do a duet with him onstage at the Royal Albert Concert Hall . . . a concert that was televised nationally. Well, Amy became an instant celebrity and the picture that ran in the Sunday Herald was taken in the hallway of Jinty’s. Fast-forward a few months. The album deal that was in the offing fell through. The hubbub died down, and Amy decided that while she loves playing, she loves eating too. So, she came back to Glasgow and back to Jinty’s. She now plays every other Tuesday at the pub (mostly popular tunes from Dolly Parton to Jim Croce) and, more importantly for me, works in the actual pub several days a week. She told me that she had a website ( a while ago, but I forgot to look at it until tonight. Well, I’ve finally done so and I think she’s gotten herself another die-hard fan. Not only is she gorgeous (and she is), but she’s got a truly fantastic singing voice and no small amount of poetical talent. So I’m telling you all to check out her website and to order her single from so that she and everyone else knows how much she deserves this career!

Oh, and I’m also bitter. First a brother with at least some musical talent. Then a brother-in-law with loads of it. Then a best friend with it coming out of bodily orifices (in case I didn’t mention it, Chris can sing and play the harmonica like he’s a 70 year old black man). And now a work-mate who by all accounts should be famous. This is so not fair.


Def: “49 miles” – des. adj. – A horse can be ridden hard for 50 miles before dying of exhaustion. A woman who looks just plain rough could be said to be at “forty-nine miles.”

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