Countdowns . . .

Got a few for you. As you know, I’ve been counting down until I move home. Right now that’s sitting at about 62 days (the 24th of October). A bit closer than that date though is my dissertation due date which is sitting rather uncomfortably close at about 28 days (the 20th of September). Now there’s one more. 13 is the magic number of days until I will be unemployed. Yes, it’s true. Yesterday I turned in my two weeks notice at Jinty McGuinty’s (the voyeuristic among you can download and read it here). It’s been a pretty good year and then some. Chris called “bullshit” when I said that I would miss the job, and he was right. I won’t miss it. It’s hard, unpleasant, and thankless work. But I will miss the people. Other than Chris and Braden, all my good friends from Uni and whatnot have moved away (and Braden’s moving in a matter of days). That means all the friends I have left are from that pub! It’s pretty sad for me, but I really just gotta have the time to concentrate on the dissertation . . .

And on happier notes, two things happened today. I discovered that the University of Edinburgh Main Library is going to take pity on me and let me take out a few books. I think I might need to leave them a limb for surety, but it’ll be worth it to not have to camp out in their reading room for the next several days! The other thing is that my Mom sent me a package which arrived to day (thanks Mom!). Happiest among my goodies? Two big bags of Skittles and the new RCPM live CD (“Live at Billy Bob’s Texas”) which I just discovered has the song they recorded for the theme music to Mike Judge’s animated series “King of the Hill”. I’m not even a very big fan of live CDs, but I’m really diggin this thing!

So that’s me. I’m actually off for a shower and then to Edinburgh to pick up about a half dozen books, one of which I think is going to figure heavily in my dissertation (so I’ve been stressing about not having it). Hope everyone out there is groovy and I’ll speak to you soon!


“I keep my eyes peeled wide to see
The next future ex missus me.”
~Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers – “Bury My Heart at the Trailer Park”

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