Happy Anniversary.

I’m not good at remembering peoples’ anniversaries other than my own, so this is a blanket Happy Anniversary to everyone I know. If I was actually in your wedding, I’m even more sorry if I have already or am about to miss it (this is really only directed at Spence and Brie and Amy and Nate, but there you have it) but are you really surprised since it’s me? So, I declare my parents’ anniversary (which is today . . . well, yesterday for me. August 6th) to be everyone else’s as well. So I say to you all Mazal Tov (well I would say that if I was, you know, Jewish. Instead I’ll say Slainte Mhor)!

As of today my parents have been married for either 27 or 28 years. I can never remember. Now were they married 2.5 years before I was spawned, or was it just 1.5? Eh, it’s not important. This whole post is in fact not of pressing concern. I really just couldn’t sleep after work, had already spoken to Mom and Dad to say “yay for them,” and had a quote that I heard today that I wanted to use so just got online (the quote and indeed the whole song just too easily sums up my luck with women these days, so those with no desire for insight into Ash should look away now!). I won’t keep you waiting in breathless anticipation . . . I think I’ll just sign off now and go to bed!


“She’ll never know that I’m the best that she’ll never have”
~Bowling for Soup – “The Girl All the Bad Guys Want”

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