A significant day.

Really, a significant couple of days. Yesterday was of a certain amount of importance because it marked the one year anniversary of my employment on Ashton Lane. I’ll be perfectly honest with all of you. This is almost twice as long as I’ve ever worked anywhere else in a single stretch (all told I worked at West Campus Grill for almost a year, but it was broken up by several instances of me quitting becuase the hours were so awful). It’s an . . . interesting feeling. Like a comfortable feeling of permanence only kinda, you know, depressing.

This has of course led me to reflect on the past year, and to be honest I’m having troubles defining it as anything other than . . . a year. There were good and bad bits. Plenty of crappy things happened (deaths, muggings, injuries, bombings, British food), but plenty of good things as well (conceptions [no births yet], good nights out, successful protest movements, trips to Rome, etc). All in all, it’s just been a year. But, this leads me to the other significant thing about today . . . Today, most of my family is in Colorado where they will be spreading Papa’s ashes in his beloved Rocky Mountains later today. I’m thinking about you guys!

But all this is overly depressing. Allow me to tell you a little about last night. To celebrate my one year, I stole a pink glitter cowboy hat off of a passing Hen Night (Bachelorette Party) and wore it most of the evening (evidence of such here and Lauren in said hat here). The moment work was over I absconded with my new hat to the flat-warming party of two of my friends. Chris’ ex-girlfriend Rosey had moved in with my friend Lucy from the GCMRS. Between the two of them I actually knew quite a lot of people at the party and the now-famous pink hat made me quite popular (Rosey sure did like it!). I had been concerned that the party would have worn down by the time I showed after midnight . . . oh how wrong I was! When I stumbled out the front door at about 4 in the morning it was still going strong . . . I don’t know when it ended but I’m sure the hard-core revellers were at least able to watch the sun come up!

That’s me, I think. I’m going to go watch Firefly on the Sci-Fi Channel and concentrate on not letting my lingering hangover get the best of me. OH!!! There’s some news! I had to pay a lot more than is necessarily intelligent, but I got myself two tickets to the world gala premier of the upcoming movie “Serenity” (the movie continuation of Firefly) which will be occuring in Edinburgh in late August. There really aren’t words for how excited I am! 😀 I’m doin’ the Happy Dance!


“Sure as I know anything, I know this: I aim to misbehave.”
~Nathan Fillion (as “Capt. Malcolm Reynolds”) – “Serenity”

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