The word of the day is . . .

Konfabulator. Pretty strange name. Don’t really know what it comes from. What I do know is that this company has just been bought by Yahoo! and will apparently soon be called “Yahoo! Widgets.” Next you ask what a widget is. Right, well . . . I don’t properly know.

So you go to the afore mentioned Konfabulator website and download their newly-free software. This software is just the base from which all other bits are launched . . . and there are a lot of bits all of which are called widgets. Konfabulator starts up when your computer does and runs in the tool bar. You can program it to also open up one or more widgets at the same time. These widgets can do almost anything. They sit on your desktop and are multi-media tools, if you will. I, for instance, have a widget which tells me my wi-fi strength, one that tells me how long until I leave for Arizona (87d:2hr:38min:35sec), one that is an always-available controller for WinAmp, and one with weather information set for Glasgow and Mesa, AZ. So I use four regularly. That’s four out of literally hundreds which are available for download from the Konfabulator site.

An added bonus is it’s wide compatibility. When you download the base program you of course have to specify Mac or PC, but after that everything is 100% cross-platform. All the widgets are designed the same for either operating system. Common thought is that it’s also pretty easy to design your own widget, though I’ve not gotten around to that quite yet.

Oh, and did I mention it’s all free?!? My favourite word!

Just thought I would share my new discovery . . .


“Clark Kent is Superman’s critique on the whole human race.”
~David Carradine (as “Bill ‘Snake Charmer'”) – “Kill Bill Vol. 2”

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