Happy and Sad.

Making me happy: Water Joe (and it was invented at ASU . . . why am I not surprised?). The Refreshment’s album “Bottle and Fresh Horses” (which I had never given much of a chance until Mom made me listen to it. Thanks Mom!). Having two computers (so that one can be used as a REALLY big MP3 player since my real one died). The stolen code from homeslice which allows for my new groovy background-which-doesn’t-move. And the Catalina Fire of 2003 which will be immortalized soon . . .

Making me sad: Broken Computers (Athene is on the fritz (again) and randomly shuts down whenever it feels like it, making me write my essay on the laptop . . . again). Deadlines (second-to-last paper ever is due tomorrow at 5pm. Still got another 3,500 words) and accordingly all-nighters. Work tomorrow is just gonna be fun!

Well, that’s more happy stuff then sad stuff. Gotta keep positive! 😀


“Well I was born in the thirsty earth
Showed up in Tucson,
Fresh out of Leavenworth
Did my time on stale bread and dirty water
Nobody told me that lady was the preacher’s daughter”
~The Refreshments – “Preacher’s Daughter”

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