Remember a few days ago when I said that I found out I owed a lot more than I thought I did because I’m rubbish at maths? Well, it turns out I’m even more rubbish at using my scroll bar properly! So I thought I owed $107,500. That’s a great big chunk o’ change. Well, turns out that further down on this one page that has two of my loans listed, it shows what I requested vs. what I actually got. For once I’m happy that the University of Glasgow short-changed me by so much, because instead of owing over a hundred grand, I in fact “only” owe $75,607.00! As my Dad said when I discovered this fact while on the phone with him, that means that I’ve gained almost $32,000 in about 45 seconds!



“I’m doing the happy dance. I’m doing the happy dance.”
~Trey Parker (as “Joe ‘Coop’ Cooper”) – “BASEketball”

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