Funniest thing I’ve seen all day / HOLY SH*T!!!

Funniest thing: A commercial for Tango Clear wherein at the end a penquin is slapping a woman on the leg with a fish. Have I mentioned I love random stuff?

HOLY SH*T!!!: My cousin Travis and my cousin-in-law Rosie are expecting! They got married about four months before C and I did, and here they are all pregnant like! I believe their offspring is due in September. This isn’t apparently something they’ve been planning for a while or anything, more a case of the 1% that “the Pill” is ineffective against (as Trav said: It’s a numbers game, and if you play often enough you’re gonna hit that 1%). Still I could tell from the YIM conversation that I had with him, he is absolutely thrilled with his upcoming Daddy-hood. Scared to death, but thrilled nonetheless.

So I say congrats to the young couple!


“My grandfather got tossed from Norway for getting my grandmother pregnant before they got married.”
~Eric Szmanda (as Greg Sanders) – “CSI: Las Vegas” – Episode 3.3 – “Let the Seller Beware”

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