Some days . . .

. . . things just can’t seem to go right. I had a truly awful day at work today. It was busy from the moment I arrived and stayed that way until we closed. People are welcome to scoff, but hospital employees and cops know, full moons and the nights that stradle them are always insane. Today was no exception, and it really didn’t help that the woman who is usually my favourite manageress just totally screwed me over. It was the usual. Trying to throw some guys out (in this case it was for general over-intoxication and insubordination against house rules) and out comes Fiona who lets them all stay because they just spent 50 quid at the bar. Never mind that one guy eventually had to literally be carried out by his friends because he was so hammered. Never mind that the same guy made disgusting comments to Lauren which would have earned him a bloody nose if I had heard them. Never mind that one of them threatened me. They bought drinks so they get to stay. I love my job, right? I need to be reminded. The best bit of course is that even after she had been given all this information at the end of the night (she wouldn’t listen to us at the time) she still insisted that we (I) had made wrong choices in dealing with these people.

And now my knuckles hurt from punching the wall. Oops.

On an entirely different note, this is a very auspicious post. If you go back to the January 2004 entry, you’ll realize that what I classify as “auspicious” are beginnings. Yes, I have a new website. You may be reading this post on it, but not likely. You SIK Enterprises folks may just want to scoot on over to Ash On it you will find pretty much the same stuff as on SIK, but under a new design. You see, it appears there’s an up and coming athlete by the name of Ash Rhodes, and when I heard this I decided it would be a good idea to snatch the domain name while I still can! I hate just having domains sitting there unused though, so I got some service for it too. I always threatened to do so, so that SIK could become all about my other projects and now I have the chance!

SO, I’m telling you all now that this will be the last blog post you’ll ever find on the Idle Ramblings of SIK Enterprises. Don’t cry though, you can always read my blogs at the new site (once again, it’s I hope you’re all grand and that you’ll be patient as I slowly build the new site (and if it looks rubbish at the moment, I do apologize. I’ve been busy with school work and I promised my brother I would learn Macromedia Dreamweaver, so it’s difficult to make it do everything I’m used to being able to do with simple hand coding!).


“I don’t mean to pry but it’s been said
You got Demons in your head
(Demons in your head!)
I ask real casual”
~The Refreshments – “Birds Sing”

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