Robbie Hart 4 Eva!

Does that sound fandom enough? Just finished watching “The Wedding Singer” for about the 900th time. Say what you want about the juvenial quality to most of Adam Sandler’s films (and for that matter, the bad acting inherent in most Drew Barrymore films), The Wedding Singer cannot be denied as one of the best films of the ’90s. Yeah, it’s pretty soppy and romantic, but the funny bits really are hilarious and if you have any concept of the ’80s (or god forbid you ever followed the fashion of the times) then you know the barbs really do stike way too close to home (can we say mullets and tule gloves? — Oh wait. That’s all come back again. Damn!)

In the mean time, I’m having fun digging through Sooz’s collection of VHS tapes. Our DVD player(s) is/are broken so I’m having to resort to a medium quickly going the way of the Dodo (or Betamax, take your pick). It’s fun though. In other news, I have spent way way WAY too much money ordering shirts from Good stuff. Some things I’ve gotten for myself and others include: The Second Amendment (I like puns!), Dysentery (for fans of Oregon Trail and you know who you are!), Secede (technically it should be Davis rather than Lee, but still funny nonetheless!), Prose (because who doesn’t love Shakespeare puns?), Pirate (because all pirates are cool . . . except Orlando Bloom. Yes, I said it. Orlando Bloom is a sucky pirate!), and Jersey Girls (for Chris . . . because we all need to be reminded of our mistakes whenever possible).

That went on much longer than I intended. To sum up: Robbie Hart rocks as does Oregon Trail; Glenn sucks as does killing 1500 pounds of meat and being able to carry only 175 pounds back to the wagon; and funny T-Shirts, while worth it, are really expensive.


“Once again, things that could have been brought to my attention YESTERDAY!”
~Adam Sandler (as Robert “Robbie” J. Hart) – “The Wedding Singer”

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