What does a guy have to do to get a break around here?!?!

With everything else that is going on I had almost reached the point where I didn’t think anything else bad could happen. The Universe in general of course had to disabuse me of that notion, so it sent a nice case of Strep Throat my way just to remind me that someone out there really does hate me.

Without sounding too whiney, let’s look at the last 21 months or so:

  • Paternal Grandfather (Dee) died in August, 2003.
  • Got divorced in December, 2003.
  • Had a wildly unsuccessful long-distance relationship in April/May, 2004.
  • Failed Archaeology some time in summer, 2004.
  • Got knifed in an attempted mugging in December, 2004.
  • Maternal Step-Grandfather (Papa) died in May, 2005.
  • Developed a painful foot thingy, diagnosed in May, 2005.
  • Got badly bitten by my dog, May, 2005.
  • Now, sick with a very unpleasant illness for the fifth time in two years, June, 2005.Seriously, what do I have to do to get a break? I just want to write my dissertation, get my Master’s degree, and move back home where it doesn’t rain so much that I grow mold! Is that too much to ask? (he demands rhetorically).

    But, on the relatively up-side, despite the fact that I’m missing a meeting with my advisor because of the previously noted illness, I think I’m finally on the road to getting these papers done . . . well, started at least. You know, the papers that were originally due tomorrow. I think the second one will be about the superstitions of death in the Early Modern period. It’s really cool stuff, and I like this one book so much that I ordered it off amazon.co.uk — called The Magical Universe: Everyday Ritual and Magic in Pre-Modern Europe. So cool!

    OK, enough bitching. I do apologize. I’m going back to bed now. Didn’t sleep at all last night and I’m told I look uncomfortably close to the waking dead. So that’s fun!


    “In the Morbihan, ‘a person, who fasted on Christmas Eve from daybreak until that moment in the evening when he could count nine stars, saw Death at the Midnight Mass touch those he would take during the following year’.”
    ~Stephen Wilson 2000 The Magical Universe: Everyday Ritual and Magic in Pre-Modern Europe Hambledon and London, London, 290.

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