Things to Not Get Me Started On:

1. “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith” and its accompanying uber-fans who have threatened violence on me because I dare to say that it was rubbish (granted, it’s not nearly as rubbish as Episodes I and II, but seriously. Never will a tortured cry of “Nooooooo!” from James Earl Jones be as effective as important ingredients like coherent writing or, you know, acting).

2. Cheap DVD players. And by extension the whole Region Encoding thing. I live in Great Britain. I’m from the United States. Shouldn’t be a problem on a number of levels, but one keeps coming up. The patent holder of DVD technology (the Motion Picture Association of America) has insisted that most DVDs be branded with a special encoding which allows them to only be played in certain areas. The US is Region 1. The UK is Region 2. This means that when I moved here I made sure to buy a Region Hackable DVD player. This means I can change the region to suit whatever DVD I might be watching. Unfortunately it’s a piece of crap. I’m actually on my second of this make and model. The first one crapped out about 7 months ago. Now this one is doing the same. They were cheap at 45 pounds or so, but I just can’t afford to buy another which leaves me incapable of watching any of my 100+ DVD’s! Argh!

3. Administrations. Namely the part of the University of Glasgow Administration which is responsible for closing the entire history floor of the library for the entire summer. As an added bonus, the closure will start on the exact day that M.Phil students are scheduled to officially start working on their dissertations. “But you can check out extra books before hand so you’ll have them all out.” HELLO!!! Everyone knows that you can’t predict what direction research will take from week to week much less over an entire project! I paid you $16,000 for a chance for a Master’s degree, God DAMNIT!!!.

I told you not to get me started.


“Everybody knows that the world is full of stupid people”
~The Refreshments – “Banditos”

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