Of Mollies and Monkeys

I thought up that title when I first sat down to write this update Thursday night. I was exhausted then though, so you all have just had to wait for my genius.

I can’t even keep a straight face. Genius. Ha. Anyway, first off, the Flogging Molly concert was pretty cool. I’m reserving the term “ace” for the first show I saw of theirs a few months ago in Edinburgh. Not only was the band complete then (the only female Molly cut her hand and so is healing in the US, leaving them short a very integral fiddle player), but the audience was about a million times cooler. I’m a big fan of the mosh pit, but I’m also a fan of respect for fellow human beings. In short, I don’t go into a pit where people are actually trying to hurt each other just for fun ’cause that’s really not what moshing is about (not that I could articulate what I think moshing is truly about, but it doesn’t involve GBH [Grevious Bodily Harm] unless something has gone really wrong). So the whole point is that I was in the mosh pit almost the entire time in Edinburgh and had a grand ol’ time. I thought Glasgow would be the same, but these people were so crazy that even little 14 year olds who couldn’t make me budge with a 2 x 4 were still trying to body slam me (and making me laugh as they rebounded away). The end result is that while it’s always great to see a band you like performing songs you love, this was not my favourite experience. I think I’ll forgive them though . . . just this once.

And secondly, I’ve got to admit that I’m a bit ashamed of my home town. Chris Bowles forwarded me a news story off of CNN.com that I had to share with you. You can read it on the CNN.com website, or I’ve copy/pasted the article right here. It’s bad enough that this is coming out of Arizona, but if you look at where specifically the guy lives, it’s in MESA! You know, I just can’t wait for the next armed bad guy to come into my house and take me hostage so that a wee monkey can come in with three glocks blazin’ (we figure one for each hand and another gripped in his tail). I just have one question for these people. If you’re spending $100 grand to train a monkey which is (presumably) better to send in than a human because of its almost-disposable nature, wouldn’t you be really reticent to throw away such expensive training anyway? Just a thought . . .

That’s all I’ve got. Heading in to work now and am just looking forward to tomorrow so very much. I hate Old Firm matches more than pretty much anything. Both Lauren and I will be on for over 9 hours protecting our little pub from rampaging hooligans. I love my job!


“Stronger and harder than a bad girls dream
Make a bad one good, Mmmm make a wrong one right”
~Huey Lewis & The News – “The Power of Love”

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