Scanners = Good. Scanning = Bad.

As threatened, I have scanned about 50 of the photos that I took in Iona. I actually took almost twice that number, but between sand, sea spray, and even fog from a VERY warm common room, many of them were rendered total rubbish. What can you do, I guess. Soooooo, you can see what passed muster here. You can also see my step-by-step guide to “quaffing” (in the words of Alistair McLennan, to quaf means to drink with great gusto so that half the liquid actually ends up in one’s beard. The substance in this case was white wine so you can’t tell so much, but believe me it was in fact quaffed!) as a lovely but LARGE (1.5Mb) animated gif right here.

Hope you all enjoy!


“I never did a single thing that did a single thing
To change the ugly ways of the world”
~Dave Matthews Band – “I Did It”

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