Got you all!!!

April 1st is officially over in Great Britain, so I can reveal to everyone that the website you saw yesterday was a HOAX (those of you who missed it can see it here)!

NO, Carly did not show up in Glasgow.
NO, we aren’t getting back together again.
And finally NO I’m not “[expletive deleted] crazy!”

I AM, however, sly as the fox on my arm. I love pulling good pranks, and even occassionally enjoy having them pulled on me (despite the fact that I was totally expecting it, Braden got me pretty good this morning. I blame the fact that it was very early in the morning). April Fool’s Day is like Christmas to me! 😀

Oh, and for the record, if you go to the page in question and press Control A (or just select the whole page however you prefer), you’ll see that I even included a message revealing the joke. Even the “AF” in the title bar at the very top didn’t clue you all in! You’ve gotta be more on the ball in this game! 😉

Take care everyone, and enjoy your April!

OH hey, if you were pissed off by my prank . . . if you loved my prank . . . if you’re wondering why you should even care . . . go ahead and tell me! Leave me a note in the Guestbook!


“Ha ha ha haaa ha! I got you kiinda! I got you kiinda!”
~Trey Parker (as Eric Cartman) – “South Park” – Episode 705 – “Fat Butt and Pancake Head”

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