So many nights out, so few nights.

I just got back from a very lovely wee night out with some people from the GCMRS programme. I actually was one of the first to leave, despite the fact that no one had had dinner, and we all met at 5pm. We were just having a ball, and I felt bad doing a runner, but I’ve just got to give my liver a break some time!

My week of drink (ooo, that’s good. Capitalize that. Week of Drink) is actually only a half week, and started last night. My good friend Odie has a girlfriend by the name of Caron who will be turning 25 on April 5th. Braden (Odie) and Caron’s best friend, Aly, decided to throw her a suprise birthday party over at the Hogshead, so I tagged along. Keep in mind that I had never met Caron nor any of her (amazingly hot) friends. That said, I was still an integral part of the night, as the excuse to get her to the Hogshead was that the GCMRS was throwing a ball, and so Braden not only had to be there, but he had to bring a date. I even got to play lookout for them and “chide” Braden on behalf of our course convenor for being so late to the party. Caron had absolutely no idea and the look of happiness on her face was really truly heartwarming. The shindig went late, and it was probably a good thing that I caught a cab home, because while I’m sure there’s a MUCH shorter way to my flat from there, I really don’t know it and would have had to walk the almost three miles while several sheets to the wind.

So that’s last night and tonight. Tomorrow night will make three in a row. It’s the usual Thursday meeting of the Deadlies and I never really manage to face a Friday without one hell of a hangover. It’s gonna be fun though, especially since we haven’t gotten to hang out as a group for a few weeks now (St. Patty’s and truancy have conspired to keep attendance low). After that I’m going straight though. I’ve got the whole weekend of work to look forward to, and I’ve more or less given up drinking at Jinty’s. It’s a fantastic place, but I really am starting to think that it’s not the most professional thing for me to be pished in the bar that I’m supposed to be an authority figure in, call me strange . . .

That’s all I’ve got. I’m really tired and just a tiny bit intoxicated (really, just a tiny bit. I started getting my own drinks and was ordering lemonade, minus the vodka), so I think it’s time for bed. Odie and I are gonna hit the gym tomorrow sometime, so I’d like a good night’s rest. He’s a lot smaller than me, but that boy is considerably stonger than his frame would suggest! Take care, everyone!


“vertiginous drops to the valley below”
~Shona Catherine McIntosh – Lyrics to a song she can’t remember but swears exists.

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