OK, I have forty minutes before there’s a Smallville rerun on telly that I’ve been wanting to see. Thought I would just send out a bit of an update as to what’s what these days. No extra charge.

Work. Got a new girl working as the second bouncer. In a remarkable show of trust, Jinty let me do the hiring. I think I made a good choice with Lauren, a Canadian professional rugby player who can’t decide if she wants to go on and get a PhD in Medieval Warfare (like me) or if she wants to go back to Med School. So damned smart as well as being bloody huge for a girl. Also on that front, we’ve got St. Patrick’s Day coming up which I’m really not looking forward to. They let me contract out for one additional bouncer, but I personally think we should have as many as six total rather than just three . . . but then I don’t have to pay the extra wages so I can’t really comment I guess.

School. Had the best day of my post grad career yesterday. I went with my Chivalry class to the Museum Storage Facility. The Kelvingrove Museum has been under construction for over two years now, and will continue to be for at least another one. During that time, they had to do something with all the treasures, so they put them in these huge warehouses in very dodgy Southside Glasgow. Well, we just got to go and see the AMAZING collection of Medieval Arms and Armour. Saw the oldest complete set of plate armour in the world (called the Avanti armour, after the word “avanti” engraved around the edges, which means “Forward!”). Got to hold and even swing a bit a sword dating from the early 11th century (which means early 1000s, which means I’ve actually held a sword which was forged and used before William the Conqueror was even born). Seriously the coolest day in my recent life. Other than that, things are pretty quiet in my personal academic career. I only have these two 5000 word essays due in June, and then the dissertation in September and I’m done. I really need to start on the 5000 word ones, but getting time w/ profs is proving to be a bit difficult.

Social. Things continue apace, I guess. Have developed a pattern of going out every Thursday night with a group of friends. I think it’s pretty cool of them to go out on such an awkward night just because I can’t make it on a proper weekend. Last night was fewer of us than usual. Rather than the Six Deadly Sins (we don’t have anyone for Greed yet) it was only Four. Anger and Sloth were off being angry and slothful, I guess. I’m proud of myself though. While I’ve more or less sworn off finding myself a female companion, I am still a bit disappointed in my own atrophied conversational abilities, so I made a point of talking to at least one total stranger a night. In last night’s case it was a young lady with a beautiful nature-motif tattoo running across her shoulder blades. I have no idea what I said to her, or indeed anyone after about 11pm (vodka has a lethe-effect for me when consumed in large doses), but I still know that I made an effort, damnit! 😉

Smallville approaches. It really is surprisingly good. I find it amusing that only after moving to Britain do I become a follower of so many American television shows (Smallville, The OC, CSI [though I was a CSI: Miami fan before], even Stargate SG-1). I guess it took really really rubbish television to make me appreciate what we have back home!


“Can we get on with this? I have someplace to go.”
[classmates look at her in disbelief]
“Television counts as a place.”
~Wendy Hoopes (as Jane Lane) – Daria

“How come when you talk about bugs everyone says you’re a genius but when I talk about birds everyone says I watch too much television?”
~George Eads (as Nick Stokes) – CSI

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