Without jinxing anything, success appears imminent.

About a year ago, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands and (what I thought to be) a small surplus of money. I therefore did what all totally and ridiculously overconfident people do . . . I decided to build my own computer. It took a few weeks to assemble all the parts (most of which were ordered at relatively low prices on E-bay), but I finally managed it after only a single trip to the pros so that they could corroborate my theory that I was sold a faulty motherboard. Since that time, my desktop (dubbed “Athene.” All my computers have been named. The laptop on which I am currently typing is Beowulf. I’ve also had Mad Martigan, Bruenor, and Nostradamus as well as a couple others) has had it’s ups and downs. The most recent down occured when a houseguest knocked it off of a low table, loosening the CPU fan and almost requiring a new CPU due to overheating.

I mispoke myself there. That was the second-to-most-recent issue. The most recent issue is that a few months ago I tried to install a copy of Linux (Umbutu) on the second hard drive. I thought it would be fun and interesting to branch out when it comes to operating systems. Well, instead of success, this distro of linux in fact screwed up both of my hard drives. Since I’ve been busy, I’ve just been making do on Beowulf, but now I’ve got a bit of time so decided to try and fix this bugger. The only problem is that any number of really important files were locked on that first hard drive so I couldn’t just wipe the both of them and start over.

So long story relatively short, I went this morning and bought a the cheapest little hard drive I could find. About 40 quid later (I could have gotten cheaper on E-bay, but didn’t want to wait) and several unpleasant minutes with my head literally inside the case of my comp, I have now installed a third hard drive on my comp (for a grand total of 240 Gb of memory!), have transfered those files onto the new HD, and am now happily formatting one of the original drives. Once I’m done with this lengthy process, I’ll be once again re-installing windows on the original drive. Maybe by this time tomorrow I’ll actually have a desktop computer rather than an expensive paperweight.

In other news, my parents had the Southwest Shakespeare Company Gala event “A Midwinter Night’s Dream” last night. Frankly I don’t know if it was a success as I haven’t spoken to them today, but knowing my mother, it was an absolute record-breaker (and apparently there were some very cool items up for auction, including lunch with Annette Bening).

You’ll be totally indifferent to know that I got my paper finished and even turned in on time. It came in at 3,040 words (not counting Bibliography or title page) and was very much about what I said it would be. I can’t comment as to its quality, but at least I got it finished. And finally, I’m pleased to report that I have finally been allowed to hire another bouncer at Jinty’s. I actually had a few choices, but ended up going with the one who undoubtedly makes Jinty herself happiest, a woman by the name of Lauren. I met Lauren originally through Chris, but she’s now in my Chivalry class. She’s a 25 year old Canadian professional rugby player (seriously) and is really disgustingly smart (she just can’t decide whether to go on and do a PhD in History, go back and finish becoming an MD in Canada, or both. I hate overachievers). She starts next weekend and I’m so psyched to finally have someone on the door with me!

Formatting is done now. I’ll talk to you all soon!


“It’s in that place where I put that thing that time.”
~Renoly Santiago (as Phantom Phreak) – “Hackers”

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