D. The best letter EVER.

<Yes indeed it is. It is the first letter of my first name, the fourth letter of the alphabet (which used to be my lucky number when I was a child), and, coincidentally, the lowest grade you can get and still pass a class! That last reason is the why I'm so happy with it at the moment. I finally got my grade for Latin, and it was that beautiful letter D! Now rest assured that before this week, I’ve never been truly happy with anything less than an A. Really, I haven’t. But considering how certain I was that I had failed this Latin course, I seriously couldn’t be more happy with the first D I’ve ever gotten (especially considering how much of a gift it was from my prof)!

In the mean time, I’m up at 5am writing my paper which is due in about 9 hours. Why am I only about one-tenth of the way through said paper? Well, because I’m very strange. You see, things have to come together to make a paper really work. You need the right topic, the right research, and the right motivation. No perfect topic ever really came to me on this one. When I found sorta-right topics, I just couldn’t find the right research. And to top it all off, my normal motivation (extreme panic and stress) never really made itself felt. So, what kept happening is that I’d have an idea, find some research, discover in most cases that the research isn’t really sufficient for an essay of the scope which is due, and then start over again with a new idea. Occassionally I would find just enough research to start the paper before one of two things would happen: I’d realize eventually that I was wrong and I don’t have nearly as good a handle on the subject as I thought I did, or else I would write total rubbish and be forced to delete it before the crapiness of the essay infected the rest of my harddrive.

SO, I finally got the panic going (since it’s due so soon), but still didn’t like my essay or my topic. Then it hit me. Instead of writing in depth about specific aspects of the intensity of violence in the Medieval Period, why don’t I write a survey of the modern scholarship on the subject? After all, I’ve been reading literally dozens of articles on the subject! So I spent the first several hours after work taking new notes with my new topic in mind, and have now spent the last hour or so writing a kick-ass introduction. I really do like it. But then, I was at work for almost 10 hours today (stupid Old Firm match), have now been awake for almost 24 hours, and am hyped up on RedBull; so who knows if what I’ve written is even in English! 😉

OK, breaktime over. Why do I spend my break typing more? My hands are going to fall off if I’m not carefull! I’m just not used to this much typing, and I really can feel them stiffening up already. It’s gonna be a fun day!


“They have their spurs, are fastened on their feet,
And, light and strong, their hauberks brightly gleam;
Upon their heads they’ve laced their helmets clear,
And girt on swords, with pure gold hilted each;
And from their necks hang down their quartered shields;
In their right hands they grasp their trenchant spears.”
~“Song of Roland” Verse CCLXXX

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