So I’ve gotten back in touch with my friend Lyssa (though in fairness, she’s the one who’s gotten back in touch with me, but who’s counting?). She let me know that she has a blog (since she’s been reading mine), and so I checked it out . . . well, I started to. There’s a lot there! First off, feeling totally inadequate because she actually updates the thing regularly and is funny (something I try for, but rarely achieve, I feel), but also because she actually gets things done. Even her idea of goofing off is getting loads of knitting done. My idea? Watch television. And we’re not even talking good television. I’m in Britain after all. For me it’s a choice between Trisha or Charmed reruns. You can guess which I watch (there is a redheaded Rose McGowan in the later, after all!).

So yeah, feeling like even more of a slacker. On the plus side, I’ve again managed to go to the gym every day this week. Haven’t really noticed much of a difference yet, but that’s pretty normal for me. I will be forced to be productive today though, since I’ve got another meeting of Medieval Paleography today at three. I figure I should go since I’ll be jetting down to Cambridge early next week to view some real-life examples of texts. I don’t know if I’ll stay in the class any longer than that though. It’s just not going to be that helpful! All the texts are in Latin (we won’t go there) or in Anglo-Saxon, so I don’t even have any way of checking to make sure my interpretations are correct . . . but at least I’ll be getting a trip to Cambridge out of it!

That’s pretty much all I know for today. I’ve been shamed into updating my site, and have now done so (thanks Lyssa). Oh, in case I forget . . . as some of you may know, my Mom’s birthday is coming up this Saturday (the 12th of February). She’s gonna kill me for saying so, but she’s gonna be turning the big FIVE-OH. I want everybody to send her a greeting for this momentous occassion! E-mail her here and it’ll get right to her! And while I’m at it, I’ll also send a late happy birthday to my brother-in-law Nate Marshall who turned 24 in January, and to Kristan Sanders who will be turning XX sometime within the next month or so (she’d kill me if I publicly released either of those bits of information! Love ya, Lady!).

Hope you’re all doing fabulously, and I’ll talk to you soon!


“Wanna take a wiccan time out and do the crossword puzzle?”
~Alyssa Milano (as Phoebe Halliwell) – “Charmed”

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